Monday, February 11, 2013


I found a great recipe for gingerbread biscotti in a parenting magazine.  It was a fun, easy Christmas gifts kids can make.  The gingerbread flavor is so rich.  You bake the biscotti and then let it cool and then toast it.  Honestly, sometimes, we don't put it back into toast it.  When you take it out of the oven the first time it is the consistency of gingerbread (except it doesn't rise, so it's flat bread, but YUMMY). 

Gingerbread Biscotti
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2 c flour

1 t baking powder

1 ½ t ginger

3 t cinnamon

¼ t salt

6T unsalted butter, softened

1 c sugar

2 eggs

3 T light molasses

2 t vanilla

8 oz white chocolate chips


  1.  Heat oven to 350. Coat a baking sheet w/cooking spray. 
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients. 
  3. In stand mixer on med, beat butter and sugar until fluffy.  Add egg, molasses and vanilla and mix well.  Reduce speed to low and blend in flour mixture.
  4. With slightly wet hands, halve dough and shape into two 2 ½ x 9 in rectangles.  Bake until golden brown and just starting to crack, about 25 min.  Let cool and reduce the oven’s temperature to 325.
  5. Use a sharp knife to cut loaves into ¾ in slices.  Place slices cut side down and bake until toasted, about 8 min.  They should be crunchy on outside but not hard.  Transfer to a rack to cool completely.
  6. Melt the chocolate and drizzle on biscotti

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